This weekend I discovered another herbal anti-anxiety that I believe works really well! It is called Kava (sometimes, Kava-Kava). It is a plant found and used by many Pacific Island states.

Some say it has holistic properties and some use it for anxiety. The thing to remember about Essential Oils ad Extracts are the same for any type of substance. Every person has a different tolerance so some people can really feel the effects and some people can hardly feel them at all.

The Genus and Species is Piper methysticum. The root of the plant is pulverized to make drinks or teas that can ease a person’s mind while maintaining clarity. It’s used for temporary relief from anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Kavalactones are the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) that are in many anti-depressants and anxiety medications and can provide a similar state of mind but all natural!

If you have trouble with anxiety, I would check this out for sure.


(I find it funny I declared this a wine blog but….. we can intertwine a few subjects now and again!)

The Power of Lavender


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Recently I have been trying to turn to more natural substitutes for stress and anxiety. My conclusion has been to turn to everything Lavender.

Lavender Essential Oil has been allowing me to sleep, relax my muscles and have a great scent around me at all times. Mixed in with my Chanel No. 19, a strange amount of people have told me that I smell very delightful.

There are many uses and benefits to using this oil and turning away from Prescriptions or harsher solutions so frequently. Don’t take me wrong, I love my Xanax and Valium, but it is best to stay non-reliant on Benzodiazapenes. (Comment on this post if anyone wants a lengthy post on Benzos!)

At bed time I rub the oil on my temples, my wrists and the soles of my feet. These are the most porous parts that allow the oil to enter the bloodstream. It allows you to release tension and stress. Inhaling the scent in three deep breaths also allows for the mind to calm quickly.

Other Uses:

1. Sleep Aide

2. Cuts/Scrapes

3. Insect Bites & Stings

4. Motion Sickness

5. Dry & Chapped Sunburn Skin

… There is a whole list of things it could be used for. My sister is currently with child and she has been using it for various aches and pains in her pregnancy. I won’t write up on it more because it is not my experience but there are a few great posts on the topic throughout the Blogosphere.

Now as I pour myself a glass of Moët, I’ll add a few drops of Lavender Oil as it is very okay to ingest. Adds a great floral taste. One of my favorite Liquors is actually Lavender based. Similar to Creme de Violette.




Being an extremely high stress person, I tend to need specific activities that help me relax. Getting a massage is one of those activities. My favorite place to get a massage is the Lavender’s Body Care Clinic in Conshohocken, PA! They have a great selection of relaxation techniques and treatments that are at a pretty reasonable price. I have never left without feeling much better. 


I tend to have really tight muscles from working out, sitting all day and stress, so I like to find the time to have someone workout all my knots. Massage therapy is a really great health benefit, no matter what people say. It helps reduce tension and release toxins, it helps to loosen up all those tight muscles that you can’t get to sometimes, and it’s extremely refreshing on your mental sanity. You know you have a good therapist when they ask you about previous injuries and knots you have… they should be able to know the body and how the frame of the human skeleton is supposed to feel. My lady picked up on my foot damage and the bone that never healed properly my first visit.

At first thought it seems like it would be great to smoke and get a massage, BUT DON’T! You lose a lot of sensation and feeling and it just isn’t as good when your neurons aren’t at top firing capabilities.

You can make your at home life like a spa sometimes too. A hot bath every now and then is wonderful when you can light a candle and make a steamy bubble bath. There are plenty of products with all types of natural and organic ingredients. Aromatherapy and color therapy are natural destressers that are great for your senses. My favorite brand of products for this are


from this site called Kneipp International. They practice colorology and aroma therapy and the products are amazing and last long. My personal favorite, the stress free, citrus filled bath product! Smells amazing and makes the bath water so orange and inviting!