Let’s Talk Spain


Spanish Wines is something I have recently started to get into. They have been making some great wines and blends recently with some very native and global grapes. Some of their main grapes, mostly indigenous of Spain are:

Red Grapes:

  • Cariñena
  • Garnacha
  • Monastrell
  • Tempranillo

White Grapes:

  • Albariño
  • Godello
  • Torrontes

There wines are fruity, bold and smokey, with the exception of some more neutral grapes for dinner wines and summer days. The Albarino grape is a very light grape with a resemblance to Vermentino and Verdelho white grapes of the world.

There are three different levels of quality you find in Spain that law has required for labelling it’s designation.

  • Crianza red wines are aged for 2 years with at least 6 months in oak. Crianza whites and rosés must be aged for at least 1 year with at least 6 months in oak.
  • Reserva red wines are aged for at least 3 years with at least 1 year in oak. Reserva whites and rosés must be aged for at least 2 years with at least 6 months in oak.
  • Gran Reserva wines typically appear in above average vintages with the red wines requiring at least 5 years aging, 18 months of which in oak and a minimum of 36 months in the bottle. Gran Reserva whites and rosés must be aged for at least 4 years with at least 6 months in oak.

I URGE everyone to try some Gran Reserva and a Spanish Rose in the near future.

2010 Un Paso Mas Red Blend

Cheers everyone!

Rosé {R&R&R}


With the school year during intercession, and just working full time, I have been really on a R&R kick. There are a few things this break that have gotten me to this very calm, slightly reclusive, and health fanatic state. Also the time to be able to post my thoughts. Hopefully this semester will keep this track. I feel strong and better then ever, sometimes you really do just need a break from the chaos of it all.

~Rosé – I can honestly say that I have drank at least twenty bottles of Rosé. All different flavors, it is so amazing. Dry and bubbly, just the way I like it. My top three choices of this break were:\

  1. Old School Cinsault RoséOLD+SCHOOL+ROSE
  2. Broadbent Vinho Verde (As Always)
  3. Moët Chandon RoséRose-Imperial_fixed_1280x1096
  4. Mumm Napa Brut Rosé1_1522750_3

There is this new APP for both Android/iPhone platforms called *Delectable* which I have been using very frequently to track the wines that I drink. It is used a lot by Sommeliers and those who really know wine more so than casual wine drinkers but I very much so recommend all to start using it!

~Sauvignon Blanc

1. NYE was filled with much alcohol, and mostly Champagne & Sauvignon Blanc with two of my human beings from a hometown family. It was quite a messy situation, but we all made it out alive and standing…. I think. Anyway, the Wine was from Ninety Cellars, and has a delightful, crisp taste that is to die for.


~Gin & Lemon Whiskey Cocktails

I had many of these cocktails at one of my favorite bars downtown Rochester called Ox & Stone(http://www.oxandstone.com/). Great bartenders, great cocktails and a old timey feel with dim lights. Very nice for an evening of brooding. 😉

This weekend I will be traveling the East Coast to visit some dear friends and I will be loving the life for sure. I will be excited to document yet another trip of good food, good alcohol, and of course my best friends. As my relaxation continues, I must get back to work so as to finish all my paperwork before I depart tomorrow.

Boston, here I come!

-Cheers Bitches!

Love Me Some Rose


I recently discovered a great liking for blush wines. The key for me is to find wine dry and not sweet at all. I came across a wine called Vinho Verde Rose. A winery called Broadbent produces the bottle. It is an exquisite taste of dry rose with a slight hint of carbonation. I truly recommend. Cheers!