There are a few things I’ve learned, but one of them is to trust no one. If you do this, then you have nothing to lose, because you expect nothing less. No one to fight for you, no one to truly try to understand and want to help you, nothing. But when you have yourself, who cares, because you get so much more out of life, when you truly love yourself.

Certain people and events start to matter less, become irrelevant and seem like they never even were, and to me, that is an amazing trait of human nature. The allowance to remove emotion from yourself.

Remember that you can always be bigger and better than everyone. You can walk with your head held so high above the sky, no one even questions your actions. You can let people ruin themselves on their own. You can take all negativity, and use it to make yourself even more powerful and strong. More clear and concise, and only LOGICAL.

This is not to say don’t have friends, don’t have fun, I mean come one, that’s what life is about…. but always be on your guard. Even the people that should fight for you, will not sometimes.

So I leave you with this. Keep your head held high, because no matter what, there is always something more and better for you.