Let’s talk about this word. EMPOWERMENT. People use it loosely and not enough. I believe it is a force of a word that fuels you to create your world. It is to create your own strength in life, work, love, spirit and everything that makes up oneself.

Too many people walk around doubting themselves and I believe this is a travesty. (one of my favorite words, btw.)

I have had my fair share of low life moments and feeling as though you are nothing and useless, but along the way of becoming who I really am and not wanting to change that for anything, I have learned a few things.

One of the biggest things I have learned is that people are never thinking what you think they are. No one invests so much thought into the minor details that you can see in yourself. So move on. Do not dwell in your thoughts an do not allow another person’s glare or movement, because half the time, people are in their own head thinking about their own problems.

Once you can get over this, you have so much time to be happy. SO MUCH TIME. You can spend the entire day working on positivity and selflessness. Being good to yourself mentally and physically in the best way is empowerment. You don’t realize how little bad things affect you until you give the good things a true and honest try.

Eating healthy and working out is one of the first steps to empowerment. Now everyone can bitch and yell that they want to eat bad and they don’t care if they are fat and unmotivated… you aren’t being the very best you can be. The human body was not made to eat synthetic and processed things. The body was not made to sit and compound fat. It was made to work, improve the world, see the beauty of life and to have the capability to travel across the world, dance, make love and to provide your mind with a vessel to accomplish greatness.

Going full force one hundred percent at your work and school, whatever it is you do will also allow you to be the happiest you. Go above and beyond. Prove that you are better then the others and that you stand out. Not to be better, but for yourself. Think of ideas and innovations that will be recognized and never be scared to be assertive and dominant.

{To the ladies: I have been called a very intense and controlling person many a times. It is true that men can get away with it more so than women, but never allow that to stop you. Be as strong and confident as a that ‘man’. Shying away will only deter people from listening to you.}

Nothing in this world should ever allow you to feel inferior nor should you allow it. Make a Power Playlist for when you are down. Listen and take breaths and remember that the key to happiness is embettering yourself. Stay present in the moment, and give the people that deserve your time the time, and never ever think you cannot do anything. Because that’s just a bullshit excuse.

There are NO excuses while building your empire.

I will leave you with this quote by my favorite author. And to you all as usual… Cheers, Bitches!

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”

Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft




There are a few things I’ve learned, but one of them is to trust no one. If you do this, then you have nothing to lose, because you expect nothing less. No one to fight for you, no one to truly try to understand and want to help you, nothing. But when you have yourself, who cares, because you get so much more out of life, when you truly love yourself.

Certain people and events start to matter less, become irrelevant and seem like they never even were, and to me, that is an amazing trait of human nature. The allowance to remove emotion from yourself.

Remember that you can always be bigger and better than everyone. You can walk with your head held so high above the sky, no one even questions your actions. You can let people ruin themselves on their own. You can take all negativity, and use it to make yourself even more powerful and strong. More clear and concise, and only LOGICAL.

This is not to say don’t have friends, don’t have fun, I mean come one, that’s what life is about…. but always be on your guard. Even the people that should fight for you, will not sometimes.

So I leave you with this. Keep your head held high, because no matter what, there is always something more and better for you.

Work or Twerk?


The way you dress yourself, is the way you want people to see you. It is the first impression that you make. You dress for the position in life that you want.


There are too many people running around in attire that will NEVER be appropriate. I have seen some of the most horrific work outfits by men and women at my job and I work for a professional Pharmaceutical company.

For Women:

1. NEVER EVER EVER, no matter how old or thin you are, wear a skirt or dress that is shorter than lower to mid thigh. You are at work. No one wants to see your ass.

2. Foam Flip Flops. Just stop. They are an abhorrence to the human race and should ONLY be worn to the pool.

3. Polyester should NOT be in any woman’s vocabulary.

For Men:

1. Mandles, Flips flops and Sandles are unacceptable. Put on a leather shoe. TRUST me, it’s much nicer.

2. Belt and Shoes, Socks and Pants. A key rule to matching in men’s fashion.

3. Your clothes might have a lot of minor patterns, but all three or four, and you might look like a 1920’s hobo trying to get an interview with the Circus.

For Both:


2. Stop dressing like you buy your clothes out of the kids section. It is so inappropriate and distracting. You will not get your point across, because if you can’t dress yourself appropriately, how can you make your voice heard appropriately.

3. Keep your colors and patterns to a non distracting level. As crazy as this sounds, some outfits you see from day to day are extremely distracting when a rainbow of colors just can’t seem to stop running by your cubicle. 😉



2. Blazers and collared shirts are a must. MUST. They sculpt your body in the most serious of ways.

3. Everything should fit. Not too big or too small.

4. Appropriate touches of color and pattern can be very sophisticated and help spice up your outfit.


This light pink and black color blocked blazer, white collared chiffon shirt, black pencil skirt and black pumps are my go to outfit for interviews. Specifically for interviews, light jewelry and subtle colors really help to give off that clean and polished look, while really emphasizing that you are there for your skills and mind.

EXPRESS Addiction


My favorite store is Express, it’s been my addiction since forever. My favorite things that are staples and around all seasons are the chiffon collared shirts and the best A-line and body tight dresses. They have the best lace and leather, and I cannot get enough. My recent purchases were pretty cheap and on sale and I even had a money off coupon that did very nicely, money off e-mails on your phone is one of the key things to use. Forget about most and delete them, but never your essential stores. It is such a money saver and half the time you can pay half the price if you shop properly. I think clothing is one of the most powerful ways you can express who you are and what you where shows what goals you have in life. Ultimately what you want and think you want to strive for. Clothing makes me powerful. It makes me feel like I am exactly who I say I am.

My Recent Purchases: They are more for me, dates and going out and less for work, the long dress I might wear on a Friday with a long black cardigan and sandals. Black was definitely my key color in this purchase, even though I love color.

1. Black Jumpsuit, Black Lace Back and Trim

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.50.48 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.51.09 PM

2. Black Lace Dress, Open Back 

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.52.11 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.52.29 PM 

3. Black Snakeskin Chiffon Dress

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.53.25 PM

I give full credit off these photos to Express Design Studios. You can find the link and these items below! Ironically, Express was a former employer of mine. Three months. It wasn’t as fun as I thought to have a second job just for fun but I did enjoy the clothes.


Challenge 1


I will be posting challenges I give myself for the week. I like to change up my routine and so doing different challenges helps me to keep on track will keeping these new and different.

The week of Monday July 21st:

1. Do not miss 10,000 Steps for 7 Days Straight

2. 30 Minutes of Yoga – 3 Times this Week

3. One Carbohydrate a Day (ex. sandwich, pasta, pretzels)

You would be surprised how simple these rules are and how easy they are to break them. Most people do not even make 5,000 steps a day, which is direct information to why obesity is almost a novelty banner for Americans. Let me know how your weekly challenge goes so I can provide feedback!

This Week in Health & Fitness


Considering that I sit in an office all day programming and such, it is very important I eat healthy and keep active. Of course my Fitbit helps with that, but it doesn’t discipline me or give me ideas to use for food and workout. 

This week has also been crazy. I don’t even have time to workout coming in at 6 am and leaving at 4 pm at the earliest. Then there are chores, errands and all the yawning and caffeine in between. These are some key tips and rules I follow. 

1. One thing people love is coffee. Caffeinated lattes full of syrups and whip cream. Justify that it is your coffee of the day, your morning treat… fine, but all those calories are NOT good for you. I am the same way. I loveeeee my coffee, iced lattes are especially my favorite. What I do to counter the calories is get all my drinks made with skim/non-fat milk or soy milk. I even have brought Starbucks a thing of Almond milk before to make my drink. Say no to the whip cream and syrup and you can really enjoy your coffee without sacrificing your favorite morning latte. 

2. BREAKFAST is SO IMPORTANT – Believe what you want, but eating a breakfast every morning is key to starting your day and kick starting your metabolism into gear. It helps you maintain your weight and eating habits a lot more easily. Simple fixes are yogurt, fruit, almonds, Kefir or Kashi Go-Lean whole grain cereals. I personally will do this 2/5 days a week, but I LOVE my breakfast. Starbucks and Panera are my quick stops in the morning if I don’t have time to cook my own or want the cooks at my job to make me breakfast. They have great low calorie sandwiches with egg whites, spinach, wheat flat breads, etc. for a healthy quick fix. I have yet to mention my addiction to Hot Sauce yet, but essential to all my breakfasts. Egg white omelettes, veggies, turkey sausage and always Rye or Whole Grain breads are the way to go. 

3. HOT SAUCE is ESSENTIAL to me. Hot sauce is very good for your metabolism. The capsaicin which creates the heat speeds up digestion and your metabolism in a good way. Frank’s Hot Sauce, Sriracha and Chipotle Tabasco sauces are all apart of my diet.

4. SALADS are so goof for filling up and eating a lot without all of the adverse calorie effects. I eat salads 1-2 times a day and they are my favorite food. Anything just tastes better over a fresh bed of lettuce to me.

5. STOP EATING WHITE BREADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally switching everything white to whole grain is the most essential thing for your diet. It is so much better for you and your digestion and you can really tell. I personally think that Rye and Whole Grain breads taste millions times better than a plain bagel or very white slice of bread.  

6. SNACKING is the best. I snack all day long and it helps so that I don’t reach a starving point of the day. Carrots with dip, almonds, grapes and yogurt are all apart of my snacking of the day. The small amount of calories is not something I hate to sacrifice if it saves me from gorging at the end of the day. 

7. My last tip is for Stoners. Now I understand munchies…. I understand more than most. I get them very frequently. It is a great to have all these little healthy snacks stocked up, pre-cut and dip made before you smoke or before you get tired because then your snacking dilemmas are already solved. I don’t want to hear an excuse for eating horrible foods either. 1-2 times a week is okay if you can keep a steady diet for the rest of the week. 



To all of you fitness junkies, FITBIT users (specifically the FLEX) and those who want ot become more healthy, using the FITBIT FLEX has turned me into an even more aggressive and disciplined person. Tracks your steps, calculates the calories In/Out and so much more.

1. It’s ACTUALLY Fashionable – There are many colors you can choose from, to even go with your outfit of the day. Below is some of the brighter colors, but there are darker and neutral bands to… Everyone needs a little BLACK in their life.


2. TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE LAZY. What you don’t realize about an office job is that you sit. And sit. And SIT. Even working out isn’t enough it seems like. Tracking your steps is super beneficial. Especially when you first start, you can learn how little you do a day and do much more! If you keep raising your goals and stay within your calorie intake…. You will really notice a difference.

3. HUMANS DON’T NEED A LOT OF FOOD. So many people eat double to triple the calories they truly need to in fatty and processed foods. Eating natural and drinking water is key to a healthy life.

I know you hear this a lot. From everyone, magazines, books, etc. Laugh it off if you want, really it is your choice. But endorphins and a great healthy body is something that is always positive.