Make-up Extravaganza


I recently have been changing my look a little bit. Especially going back to school, being able to dress more freely without a bunch of PhDs staring at my body instead of listening to what I have to say…. and I dress extremely appropriately.

I spent a few hours at the M.A.C. make-up counter in Neiman Marcus and of course Sephora the other day and I came out with a pretty decent size bag of goodies. There are two new changes to my look that I have been doing.

First of all I am an eye brow tweezer. My sister made me this way when I was a little kid and she forced me to let her do my eyebrows. I tweeze a lot. A LOT. It’s been getting bad. I am no where near having ‘ugly’ or ‘bad’ eyebrows, but I really wanted to grow them in a little without looking disheveled which is hard. Pencils are a little to fake looking for me personally, so I bought an M.A.C. eyebrow wand. It’s the color Showoff. A Dark brown with hints of red that pick up my currently BRICK RED hair.

Below is the link to the eyebrow wands:

This dark lipstick from M.A.C is called sin (ironically) and it has the most amazing shade and that elegant gothic look that I love. The liners are also fabulous and match directly. Currant for the dark, Brick for the red. The red lipstick is a generic Sephora color.



My favorite is the deep sin lipstick. Very dark and velvety. Double deep in sin while wearing it!