15 Reasons Why You Should Date a Physicist


Hahah Yess!!! Pauli Exclusion Principle

The World: An Idiot's Point of View

Yes, you read it right. You can and should date a physicist because they are the most boring awesome people you will ever meet. But first, let us set-up the mood by quoting the most famous physicist – ME Albert Einstein.

       It is a common misunderstanding that us, physicist (yeah, I’m one of them), are boring to be with. You always get sleepy when he starts those boring conversations, nerd talks and starts to use words you never knew existed until you read it in Young and Freedman’s University Physics 13th edition. But hey, not all people are perfect so here are the 15 reasons why you should date a physicist:

15. He is a scientist

Have you experienced being courted using the scientific method? Well if not, you are in for a ride of the lifetime. Imagine a well researched dates, gifts and surprised anniversary celebrations…

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