My Guide to Film Noir



My recent cinema addiction is Film Noir. This French style black and white film style represents ‘Black Film.’ The movie style never leaves you to believing there will be a happy ending.

The point of view of the film and location of the scenes is what is the most intriguing part of this style. It’s very dark, eerie, creepy, filled with shadows, dark alley ways and haunted imagery is what you will see throughout an entire movie done in Film Noir.

Everyone always is dressed to the nines, and the style is always that of the 30’s to 50’s. Suits, fedoras, dresses and gloves, stylistically making a very classic statement.

You will never go through a scene without almost always seeing someone smoking a cigarette. Long drags through dark lipstick or men that brood over an ash tray with a cigarette, someone is always smoking.

Love is a common theme scene throughout these movies, without a positive ending in mind. It is a tortured cinema style, constantly stirring and brooding through mystery and callous acts of life.

Here is a list of Films that you should most definitely see:

1. The Maltese Falcon

2. Double Indemnity

3. Detour

4. Odd Man Out

5. Kiss Me Deadly

Enjoy your eerie cinema!



Reds of February


There are a few Cabernets that I have wanted to try recently.

1. 2012 Chop Shop Cabernet Sauvignon


It is a California Cabernet Sauvignon grape, with strong cherry, strawberry and vanilla flavors. 12.7% alcohol, this is smooth, easy and full of flavor. More medium body and taste for a Cabernet, I really enjoyed this alone and drinking quite casually. Would pair very well with red meat.

2. 2013 La Bodega Cabernet Sauvignon


We move from California to the Mendoza Valley of Argentina. This Cabernet pairs well with a rich hearty meal. Out of all four reds, I find this to be my personal favorite. I am also a favorite of South American wines very much so. This Cab has flavors of coffee, chocolate, violets, and strawberry and blackberry jams. Although Argentina is known for its Malbec, this grape is treated with much care for this bottle.

3. 2012 Reckless Optimism Red Blend


A red blend of Merlot, Zinfandel and Syrah grapes, this California blend is smooth and velvety. I might need to get another adjective besides velvety because I think all (mostly) red wine tastes like velvet an heaven. It is very lighthearted light bodied red. I would recommend to wine drinkers who lean towards the white for a red. Smells a lot like Strawberry Jam. The bottle, whether half full or half empty, smells like optimism…. so says the bottle. And so says me to anyone sipping! 15.1% Alcohol.

4. 2012 Big Beat Red Blend


A mix of Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Malbec grapes, this California Wine, from Paso Robles, is one of my favorite lighter blends thus far. 15.1% Alcohol, this red is strong and filled with deep red fruits, bio;gets, vanilla and a very nice light toast. This wine has been called the ‘Upside Down’ Bordeaux as 60% of the grape majority is Petit Verdot.

Drink Up and Enjoy!!!

Cheers bitches!


Walking Around With a Camera: Photos from Clinton, New York


Zach Lewis Photography

For my second edition of “Walking Around With a Camera,” I took some photos of a place that is near and dear to my heart—Clinton, New York. I have spent twenty years in this little village, and I continue to find so many different things I have not seen before. The photos you see are from a different perspective—things you might not see as you drive through Clinton. 

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Utica, New York: A Day of Fun, A Story of Hope


Utica, NY!!! Truly a lot of love.

The Urban Phoenix


So often we think of vacations as far away places where we spend lots of money for 3-7 days of relaxation, activities and bliss.  Vacations are seen as things we reach for but experience so rarely, especially in today’s work world.

I’ve found a very different truth.  I’ve found that one can experience the benefits of a vacation without spending much money at all.  I’ve found that while it’s good to get out of your town for a bit, you don’t have to go far to feel like you’re getting away and having a good time.  And finally, I’ve found that in many cases, you can do this in one day.  Yep, that’s right… any given Saturday, you too can experience a cheap day away… one that will leave you feeling refreshed and feeling good about yourself before you dive back into the work week!

For example, did you know…

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