The Hangover


We all have one. One that was an hour. One that lasted two days. You cannot make them go away, but you can shorten their life cycle and reduce the sheer pain that one night of fun can do to yourself. I have had enough experience dealing with hangovers to know how to deal with it, though it is a for sure thing, the older you get, the worse they get.

There are some partial remedies that are super helpful:

Before Bed:


2. Kefir ~ Packed with healthy and helpful bacteria and vitamins, it provides digestive relief for the horrible feeling of a churning stomach. Also used frequently in my mother land of Russia for those awful vodka hangovers.

3. Eating something bad with carbs always helps to soak up some of the booze before bed. My best friend Molly always makes the best drunk grilled cheeses, always a GREAT option. Of course pizza, crackers, and munchie food are great options as well.

In the AM:

1. WATER ~ Can never drink enough!

2. Pure Juice Concentrate ~ You need something to get your blood sugar back to normal levels, that isn’t filled with processed sugar and other unnatural ingredients. Granted concentrate is more expensive, but it is worth it.

3. Greasy breakfasts ~ Toast, eggs, bacon or sausage, potatoes, and many grilled veggies help you to get back food and energy into your body. For those first morning meals, sometimes it’s best to find a diner or drive-thru to get breakfast.

4. Steam shower or bath ~ Opens up all pores and help remove so many toxins in the body very quickly. Revitalizes you like no other method.

5. Yoga and Stretching at the end of the day to help your body recirculate and to realign your bones and muscles from sitting or laying down for so long in recovery. Help to sweat out a few more toxins.

6. Smoking is one of the best cures for nausea and pain, so smoke away the day because you already know you aren’t going anywhere and you aren’t going to be productive.


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