To all of you fitness junkies, FITBIT users (specifically the FLEX) and those who want ot become more healthy, using the FITBIT FLEX has turned me into an even more aggressive and disciplined person. Tracks your steps, calculates the calories In/Out and so much more.

1. It’s ACTUALLY Fashionable – There are many colors you can choose from, to even go with your outfit of the day. Below is some of the brighter colors, but there are darker and neutral bands to… Everyone needs a little BLACK in their life.


2. TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE LAZY. What you don’t realize about an office job is that you sit. And sit. And SIT. Even working out isn’t enough it seems like. Tracking your steps is super beneficial. Especially when you first start, you can learn how little you do a day and do much more! If you keep raising your goals and stay within your calorie intake…. You will really notice a difference.

3. HUMANS DON’T NEED A LOT OF FOOD. So many people eat double to triple the calories they truly need to in fatty and processed foods. Eating natural and drinking water is key to a healthy life.

I know you hear this a lot. From everyone, magazines, books, etc. Laugh it off if you want, really it is your choice. But endorphins and a great healthy body is something that is always positive.


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